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This is a real product…!

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Ok, I’ve been traipsing around in Alaska and my return to civilization resulted in a fierce bout of web surfing as I reacclimatized to digital life. And I found this…

O. M. G. You can show up somewhere with a wheelbarrow of cash and walk away with a functional mech? Seriously?

Check out this site to see for yourself.

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Great Pyrenees and Otaku

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A quick divergence from things CGI, as an Otaku and owner of 4 Great Pyrenees dogs I have noticed just how often big white dogs appear in anime and manga. Are there many great pyrs in Japan? I can’t imagine trying to own one in a crowded metro…





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Gorillaz and Miku. Who can’t resist a cg character performing onstage? Not these people. I dig the leek-shaped lightsticks. (For the impatient, Miku makes her stage appearance at about 5:25 in this video.)

The mocap performance is nice I guess but what really interests me about Hatsyune Miko is that her voice is synthesized, not recorded. Would have been cooler if she was puppeteer-ed in real time ala Henson’s creature shop…

Update – no video available anymore, it was removed from youtube. Bah.

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Currently Watching

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Been busy lately, but my latest find is “Kurau.” Dig it on netflix instant!

Also: Shuffle, Welcome to the NHK, Lucky Star.

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