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Most people who have worked with me know that my former career was quite different: I was a Paramedic for quite some time. A fun and challenging job, I salute those in EMS who put themselves on the line every day to be there when we most need it.

I also like to write, and still occasionally write or share opinions or the occasional gruesome story when the mood strikes me. One became an article which was printed today by The Huffington Post.

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Self, traveling

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Returning to Florida. I have to admit it, flying Virgin America makes all the difference.


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Soylent Art, its made from people.

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Since at the moment I am heads-down in production and can’t share the art I’m working on, I thought I would take a second to share someone else’s art – in this case a favorite piece by the wonderful and whimsical dance troupe, Momix.

While I have been lucky enough to have seen Pilobolus, The Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Martha Graham, and even some rare offshoots like Iso and The Bobs, I have never seen Momix live. If you like good art and have an opportunity to do so yourself, don’t pass it up.

And while I’m mentioning performance artists of the kinesthetic sort, if you live on theWest Coast and haven’t spent an evening with the
Flying Karamozov Brothers, good lord – what’s keeping you?

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Hiatus – Working

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On a gig with the very cool people at Psyop, one of my all time favorite studios. So no posts for a bit. Stand by for more useful stuff in a few weeks. – AM

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These timelapses from the ISS are amazing. The ‘visual effects’ real life has to offer are incredible, all we have to do is keep exploring…

Auroras, stars, space stations, city lights, atmosphere… it’s pretty jaw-dropping.

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A big congrats to my good friend Jentzen Mooney for the debut broadcast of his weekly radio show Electro-Bytes. I dig the show, check it out! But beware, the archive only lasts a short while, so listen now!

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Great Pyrenees and Otaku

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A quick divergence from things CGI, as an Otaku and owner of 4 Great Pyrenees dogs I have noticed just how often big white dogs appear in anime and manga. Are there many great pyrs in Japan? I can’t imagine trying to own one in a crowded metro…





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New gig…

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So I’ve picked up a position as VFX Supervisor at StereoD, a company which started in 2009 doing stereoconversion and which in less than 3 years has grown to a leading edge studio of over 600 artists and growing.



The visual effects department is new, having risen from a small group of artists who performed miscellaneous visual effects as needed to enhance or fill out the stereo process, and my job as I see it is to lay a foundation for growth given the large demand for services we’re encountering. The effects vary from show to show, from environmental and supportive effects (snow, rain, smoke, fog etc) to more unusual effects, some of which are only possible in the realm of stereo.


Challenging, and a lot of fun. When I first arrived at StereoD I was staggered by the number of shows they are running concurrently, below are just a few, in no particular order. If you’re an experienced visual effects artist and are looking for a place that is growing and evolving and has work on some of the largest and most advanced films being created, StereoD should definitely be on your radar. And most amazing of all? Unlike some places (cough) the VFX dept at StereoD is already showing profit and has more requests for work than we can accommodate…. ;)


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Busy, Busy, Busy…

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, things have been really busy of late, and I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. There are a number of topics and compounds I want to share, but between work and home-life demands I just haven’t gotten to cleaning them up and writing them up. However, I just picked up a longer-term gig doing more feature film work and less commercials, so I may be able to settle into a routine that frees up enough personal time to get to some of this stuff soon.

Maybe I can get a bunch of stuff online as a Christmas gift to the community – I’ll be “heads down” in November but might have time after that…

Topics include:

  • Fury 2 – this point renderer by Exocortex is starting to come into it’s own, with cast and self-shadowing, particle replication at rendertime, a standalone and maya version, etc.
  • ICE terrain compounds – a long term project which I’ve detailed here, I’d like to add in some adaptive meshing (most of it was built prior to ICE modeling) and a better fluvial erosion compound, and release the compounds to the community.
  • Electrical and lightning effects – I have a very nice “toolkit” of ICE tools for creating electrical effects which I want to clean up and release to the community.
  • A slew of “utility” ICE compounds and one-offs for doing all kinds of fun stuff… from converting temperature to color according to a blackbody and color cycling compounds to branching strand systems and procedural snow deposition, etc. All compounds which come from production needs which I’ve been squirreling away with the intent of eventually sharing them.
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