Status: May ’10

What a crazy month. Green lantern gig interrupted by family member injured in an accident, happily recovery going well and I should be back at it soon. Meanwhile Adobe releases an interesting video about Avatar featuring PLF’s Stephen Lawes who went straight from Avatar onto Iron Man 2 which had to have been exhausting. You see some glimpses of the studio and Stephen’s team, who have done some amazing work!

Mach Studio Realtime Test

This is another mach studio realtime test. This is one of the face robot heads exported out of XSI. Less than half a second per frame to render. The SSS shader in MSpro is clearly capable of much better output than this, but I’m still a beginner and I didn’t want to take more than an hour fiddling around from start to finish, same thing with the eyes which are flat in this image: I just didn’t feel like spending the time necessary to bring them out when this is just a test.

Head Test