motion capture

Janimation Facial Animation

This demo shows Janimation’s facial animation methodology. Mocap is run thru face robot for retargeting and to generate some base shapes, which are then sculpted and stored. A rig then uses ICE in some clever ways to blend those shapes as controls are driven by the mocap data (or new data) plus there are some other tricks. While Face Robot is used early in the process, the end result rig is proprietary to JA, and much faster and easier to work with. Cool stuff.


Graffiti Analysis

Grafitti analysis is an interesting project by Evan Roth (and others) where he’s converting graffiti, or more accurately the motions which create graffiti tags, into data, which is then archived into a database and can be displayed as a 3d visualization. There are some interesting applications, but mostly I think it looks cool.


Gorillaz and Miku. Who can’t resist a cg character performing onstage? Not these people. I dig the leek-shaped lightsticks. (For the impatient, Miku makes her stage appearance at about 5:25 in this video.)

The mocap performance is nice I guess but what really interests me about Hatsyune Miko is that her voice is synthesized, not recorded. Would have been cooler if she was puppeteer-ed in real time ala Henson’s creature shop…

Update – no video available anymore, it was removed from youtube. Bah.