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ICE compounds

  Add Points From Strands
» 240.2 KiB - 1,655 hits - November 2, 2012
An ICE compound and example scene which demonstrates how to create a single instance per strand point for Arnold rendering (Arnold lofts particle shapes regardless of the strandDeform attribute setting), as well as more generally how to generate a point from each point on a strand in a source pointcloud.

  Align to Camera as Card
» 18.6 KiB - 1,807 hits - July 23, 2011
Unlike the regular "billboard" compound, this compound aligns particles towards the camera while ignoring elevation, as you need with 2d cards for trees, people etc. Has some inputs for additional rotations which can be used to offset the face-on alignment, for instance the compound can be used to orient "solar panels" towards a sun object instead of the camera and the panels can be animated tilting into position, etc.

  Basic verlet spring-based effects ICE compound
» 80.1 KiB - 2,174 hits - July 26, 2011
Used in the verlet spring water ripple example. Needs verlet initialization, see example scene or grab the init verlet compound here.

  Delete Particles Below Geometry
» 16.0 KiB - 2,027 hits - February 26, 2010
Deletes particles which fall below a specified ground surface. Surface can be curved etc. Useful for culling particles and rigid body instances which escape collisions and are no longer visible.

  Delete Stray Particles
» 55.0 KiB - 1,592 hits - July 23, 2011
ICE compound which deletes out particles which stray too far from the particle mass. Use to filter out particles which have gotten out of control or to contract the edges of the particle mass as a whole. Very useful.

» 126.8 KiB - 2,977 hits - April 22, 2010
Creates DLA fractal structures out of points.

  Emit SRT matched instances
» 84.7 KiB - 3,043 hits - February 26, 2010
Use in unsimulated ICE tree to create a series of instances which match their instance masters precisely. Very powerful! Use to create shattering or exploding effects, RBD simulations like a classic "car through brick wall" and so on. Usage: Pre-fragment a model, place the fragments into a group as instance masters, and supply the group to this compound.... then you can Animate in a simulated ICE tree.

  Filter By Height
» 17.5 KiB - 1,502 hits - July 23, 2011
Another emission filter which culls particles above or below a specified height. A fractal edge can be used instead of a hard cutoff.

  Filter Emission By Curvature
» 18.2 KiB - 2,248 hits - July 23, 2011
A variation of Reinhard Claus' curvature compound modified to filter particles on emission.

  Filter Emission By Silhouette
» 11.6 KiB - 1,577 hits - July 23, 2011
Filters particles based on facing to camera (or other supplied point.) Can be used to emit only on the outlines of surfaces, was originally created to help mimic 2d anime/manga "speed lines" on a cartoon character.

  Filter Emission by Sillhouette 1.1
» 11.6 KiB - 1,940 hits - February 26, 2010
Can be used for a variety of neat effects, including the worlds least efficient toon shading... Filters an emission to only emit particles which are perpendicular to a supplied 3d vector, if this 3d vector is the cameras global position then the particles appear to be emitted only at the sillhouette of the emitter geometry. Because it's an emission filter, large emission rates are often needed. Usage: plug into "execute on emit" port of emitter, supply an input vector (usually a camera position or a null position).

  Filter Emission By Slope
» 11.6 KiB - 1,597 hits - July 23, 2011
Another emission filter, this compound allows the user to restrict emission based on a minimum and maximum slope of a surface. Very useful for scattering objects on terrains.

  Filter Emission By Turbulence
» 29.5 KiB - 1,557 hits - July 23, 2011
Filters particles on emission based on turbulence, with an optional fractal soft edge.

  Init Verlet Deformation
» 27.2 KiB - 1,633 hits - July 26, 2011
ICE compound used to initialize the verlet spring-based deformation compound. Uses softimage verlet framework, can be replaced by factory nodes as desired. See the verlet spring example scene for download.

  Limit Velocity 1.1
» 10.4 KiB - 1,839 hits - February 26, 2010
Clamps velocities which exceed a user threshold. Highly recommended, a frequent-use compound. Handy for keeping particle simulations from getting overly energetic. Usage: Apply just prior to simulation node, set threshold.

  Make Spherical Control Curve
» 3.9 KiB - 2,155 hits - February 26, 2010
A rigging helper utility which creates a sphere-shaped control curve matched in position to the selected object.

  Particle Orientation Vector Force
» 5.5 KiB - 1,569 hits - July 23, 2011
A simple force which applies a "push" along each particles orientation, as if the particle was propelling itself. Power to the particles, yeah!

  SphRand Emission
» 86.5 KiB - 1,674 hits - July 23, 2011
Emits particles which are evenly distributed on a sphere, similar to the maya sphRand function. Unlike randomizing an axis and angle or generating particles on a spherical surface this is spacially neutral, particles will not bunch at poles. See the blog article for more information.

  Surface Gravity Force
» 11.9 KiB - 2,021 hits - February 26, 2010
Similar to "surface force" except particle mass is taken into account. Use to create orbiting effects or to act as gravity in certain situations where gravity vectors are not constant direction (meteor shards and debris hitting a planet surface, escher-esque fantasy environments etc.)

  Transform Particle Local
» 27.7 KiB - 1,723 hits - July 23, 2011
Transforms the particle in it's local space. More useful than you might think.


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