Fibonacci emitter module in Unreal Niagara

I created a number of custom emitters for Niagara which I have yet to release to the public. (I wish there was a nice way to package up and share custom modules rather than having to share out entire project files.) These frames are illustrating the use of a fibonacci (or phyllotactic) sphere emitter which is tailor-made for dandelions…

Vector Fields 2

While working on a release of 100+ vector fields for the Unreal community marketplace I built a few handy tools to generate vector fields from curves, surfaces etc, and to blend them with constants, noise, various forces, other vector fields and so on.

For example, here is a vector field using a spherical surface and a “pull” force to create a forcefield effect:


While this vector field uses a series of curves mixed with flow noise for a “jet exhaust” effect:

In Unreal a single cascade emitter can use these vector fields and GPU sprites to create a very broad range of looks:

So to celebrate and promote the upcoming release on the Unreal marketplace I’ve generated 10 free vector fields in .fga format for download here. Enjoy!

Exocortex Slipstream test

Test images created using softimage ICE and Exocortex’s Slipstream. I made them while evaluating and writing a review of slipstream and fury for 3Dworld magazine. Other images were picked for the article leaving these poor orphan images no other place to go than here…

Slipstream is a very handy tool, it’s super fast and you can tune a look independently of the number of particles used, meaning you can pump up the numbers for rendering without changing the behavior of the simulation… A big plus!