Busy, Busy, Busy…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, things have been really busy of late, and I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. There are a number of topics and compounds I want to share, but between work and home-life demands I just haven’t gotten to cleaning them up and writing them up. However, I just picked up a longer-term gig doing more feature film work and less commercials, so I may be able to settle into a routine that frees up enough personal time to get to some of this stuff soon.

Maybe I can get a bunch of stuff online as a Christmas gift to the community – I’ll be “heads down” in November but might have time after that…

Topics include:

  • Fury 2 – this point renderer by Exocortex is starting to come into it’s own, with cast and self-shadowing, particle replication at rendertime, a standalone and maya version, etc.
  • ICE terrain compounds – a long term project which I’ve detailed here, I’d like to add in some adaptive meshing (most of it was built prior to ICE modeling) and a better fluvial erosion compound, and release the compounds to the community.
  • Electrical and lightning effects – I have a very nice “toolkit” of ICE tools for creating electrical effects which I want to clean up and release to the community.
  • A slew of “utility” ICE compounds and one-offs for doing all kinds of fun stuff… from converting temperature to color according to a blackbody and color cycling compounds to branching strand systems and procedural snow deposition, etc. All compounds which come from production needs which I’ve been squirreling away with the intent of eventually sharing them.

Deep in production…

I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been doing a lot of projects and my attention has been elsewhere. And annoyingly, most of the things I’ve been working on aren’t in the public eye yet, so I can’t show much. To make up for it, here are some simple iphone image from one of the studios I’ve been contracting at, Janimation. Nice folks, and they have a beautiful studio.

On location

Working on location at Green Lantern for a bit, and having fun with ICE as a happy by product. I’ve been putting together some interesting deformation compounds which I’ll eventually put online, but currently too busy to do much besides this quick note. Back to work!

I am really getting tired of the color green, BTW...

Pixel Liberation Front

I am now the lead TD at Pixel Liberation Front. My focus is Pipeline, rigging, effects, wrangling, compositing and TD problem solving using Nuke, XSI, Maya, ICE, MachStudio and nDynamics. Python scripting, mel. Work includes major motion pictures, game cinematics, previs, postvis and finishing work.