Oops and Upcoming

An earlier version of the “Emit instances matched to SRT” compound had a bug which caused two instances to be emitted per object. My bad! the 1.2 version fixes this (all downloads from this site are now bug-free). Thanks to Lawrence Pankhurst for spotting it and letting me know.

Also a number of users have been startled when they use the compound in a simulated tree and see a continuous emission of instances. This is normal behavior – if you want a single copy of each instance master use the compound in a non-simulated tree to generate each instance. You can them simulate them in a second simulated ICE tree.

I’m currently out of the US and have varying connectivity as a result of travel until mid-September, after then I hope to release some more tools and compounds including the “self shadowing” compound many people have contacted me about on vimeo. Thanks to everyone for the interest and enthusiasim they’ve shown, I really appreciate it. – AM